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(Venite Cantemus, Paris 16-17 November 2019, Opéra Comique)

Who we are

The idea to create Venite Cantemus came to 3 young women, two amateur French choristers and a professional British musician. They founded La Girafe Lyrique (the Lyrical Giraffe) in 2013, as a charity, which today consists of people keen on singing and cultural exchanges. We all love and practise music and enjoy sharing it with as many people as possible.

La Girafe Lyrique organises Venite Cantemus in Paris, encourages singers to travel and creates events such as Mozart’s Requiem within the BNP Paribas when 180 employees sang together on stage.

The idea of Venite Cantemus has inspired enthusiasm in a lot of people who are ready to devote their time and talents voluntarily to help it take form.

Here are some of those who prepare Venite Cantemus throughout the months :

Marie who answers your emails
Pandora who can help find you accommodation in a French family.

During the week-end of 18-19 November, 150 volunteers will be around to welcome you. Amongst them are local inhabitants, shopkeepers, sponsors and friends who generously help out. If you feel ready to help with skills we lack you would be welcomed with open arms ! Get in touch !