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(Venite Cantemus, Paris 16-17 November 2019, Opéra Comique)

You are a business

Collective singing stimulates wonderful values in general and such benefits can be applied in a company setting. Preparation for a concert within a business establishment provides an opportunity to create a team-building project, which helps to express self-confidence, teaches the importance of listening to others, and develops the strength of a group by creating links through diversity and a unique, shared experience.

5 reasons for joining the adventure
1/ Participate in an exceptional musical project.
2/ Get your company involved in an international event.
3/ Commit to overcoming mental disorders.
4/ Open new frontiers to and eliminate the boundaries of classical music.
5/ Bring together your teams on an original project, thereby enhancing personal development.

Let’s meet and build a partnership.
Meet Florence Péronnau
Meet Bernard de Coincy

All donations are subject to the tax laws pertinent to the donor’s place of residence. In France, when mandated tax deduction is applied, a donation of 1000€ actually costs a company only 400€, within the limit of 5% of the turnover.

They support us!
Discover the institutional investors, the benefactors and partners who support Venite Cantemus.