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3 ways to be part of the Venite Cantemus adventure.
We can’t wait to have you with us.


Beginners, amateur or professional singers,

Join the chorus!

Be our guest as one of the 800 singers of our 5th edition!

Venite Cantemus hosts ALL levels – within the limits of available places. Regular lover of choral singing, professional singer or beginner? This is for you!


We do not practice auditions. The musical success of the concert, however, implies a real investment on the part of each singer. With the tools we put at your disposal, you can work your score on your own. If you wish, we can put you in touch with singers near you so that you can set up your own rehearsals. Two rehearsals will also be organised in Paris (dates to be confirmed at a later date). 

It is imperative to know one’s score before arriving for the weekend of the concert. You should be able to sing while watching the conductor. Important preparatory work is required, even if you practice singing regularly.

You are a beginner? Don’t panic, the concert welcomes 20 percent of beginners each time. Be careful though, Messiah is demanding work, you will have to invest heavily in the preparatory work. We’ll be there to help you meet the challenge.


The adventure is not limited to the concert. We’ll meet for a full weekend on November 13th and 14th. To rehearse, meet, share meals, visit Paris and sing!

november 13-14 2021


Rehearsal : November 13 – La Madeleine
Concert : November 14 – Théâtre du Châtelet

Tickets: €20 to €65

become a volunteer

You are not (yet) enamoured with choir singing?


Venite Cantemus thrives thanks to the commitment of volunteers. Upstream or on D-Day, occasionally or long term, participate in the success of our 5th edition. At each concert there are nearly 150 volunteers. You too can give your time, bring your energy and your talents.


Want to help us welcome our favourite singers? Join our happy team.


Accommodating singers

A sofa, a guest room? It’s time to let people know that Parisians are welcoming.

Contact Pandora to become a host.

Take a tour of Paris

Lecturer, lover of a neighbourhood or a heritage enthusiast? Polyglot on top? Help singers discover Paris.

Contact Ghislaine to be a guided tour leader.

Logistics and coffee breaks

Athlete and ready to carry, ride, climb and reclimb stairs? Want to take part in the ballet of the buffet team? Or just want to be helpful, meet people and share a warm and friendly moment?

Contact Christine to help with the buffets.

Help us get ready for the event

Venite Cantemus is currently looking for the following profiles:

  • English and Spanish translations
  • audio/video recording
  • press relations

Contact Anne-Cyrille


Your company likes meaningful projects?

Join us!

We are committed to making our partnerships authentic encounters, which help both parties grow and learn from each other.

Our concert will focus on:

  • the strength of acting together.
  • creating bonds
  • self-confidence
  • listening to each other.


Associating with Venite Cantemus enables you to:

  1. Join an exceptional musical project
  2. Sign up for an international event
  3. Help overcome mental disorders
  4. Open the boundaries of classical music
  5. Unite your teams around an original project that helps everyone grow.

Our other activities are diverse and tailor-made. Among them, we can:

  • take you to sing at the Royal Albert Hall – London – or elsewhere
  • accompany you to set up a corporate choir.
  • give your products a visibility that embodies your commitment.

Can you see yourself in the values of our adventure? Let’s meet and build a custom-made partnership.

Contact Gabrielle or Béryl

From the Théâtre du Châtelet and BNP Paribas to the neighbourhood bakery, see our partners