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Chorus Instructions

Welcome to the choirs space!

You’ve reserved your seat, it’s time to get to work. You will find here the information you need to learn more about the work.

Also think about planning your weekend, booking your visits or requesting accommodation.


We will sing Handel’s Messiah, in English.

On a cultural note:

Composed by Georg Friedrich Handel in 23 days, and nights – plagued by a creative fever after having been faced with paralysis of the right side that prevented him from writing, and created in Dublin in 1742 for Easter, this oratorio is now traditionally played during the period of Advent— preceding Christmas.

According to Handel’s wish, an orphanage, the Foundling Hospital received the proceeds from the performances. When he died, he left to this foundation the copyright to the oratorio.

Messiah is the last musical work that Handel attended.


Experienced singers or beginners, you are asked to know the score BEFORE the weekend. Learning requires a real investment, regardless of your level. Your involvement serves the quality of the concert of course, it is also a mark of respect towards the choristers near you.



You will need to get Handel’s Messiah Novello version in English. This very popular version is readily available in music bookstores.

You will need to get Handel’s Messiah Novello version in English. This very popular version is readily available in music bookstores.

Nous avons un partenariat avec Arioso (marchand de partitions NDLR)
ouvert du lundi au samedi de 10h à 19h
45, rue de Rome, 75008 Paris ou 01 44 70 91 68 
En disant qu’on va chanter avec Venite Cantemus, on obtient un tarif préférentiel de 
-10% (11,70€ au lieu de 13€), 
-20% (10,40€ au lieu de 13€) si on commande 20 partitions.
Port compris si la commande atteint 50€.


Alain Argaud VeniteCantemus Madeleine_20191116

The choruses to be studied:


N°46. Since by man came death

N°51. But thanks be to God

N°53 -Worthy is the lamb+AMEN-

Watch out there is a cut: we do not sing from the 3rd beat of bar 39 to 3rd beat of bar 53.


With audio or video files:

+ online audios – Cyberbass  (played voice, possibility of slowing down the tempo)

online videos – on Youtube 

+ Learning CDs

for example the series Chorsingen leicht gemaght (SATB), Peters Music Partner edition (singing)

+ Work apps, our preferred is the CARUS MUSIC app for tablets and smartphones, which offers the possibility of slowing down the tempo.

Are you ready to sing without looking down at your score? You’re ready! Eyes only on Gildas, the boss (worth it, right?).



Practice together: nothing like it to test your mastery of the score.

We recommend that you practice with other choristers. Several options:

  • Take part in the Paris rehearsals

    No rehearsals near you? It’s an occasion to come to Paris. Two practices are proposed in Paris, organised by Venite Cantemus.
    – Thursday 14th October
    – Monday 8th November 

    For the parisians and versaillais people, some weekly rehearsals are organized with our partners from August 25,

    – Every Thursday in Manfield,
    Paris 8ème (a few places left)

    – Every Wednesday in Manfield,
    Versailles (NEW!)

    – Every Wednesday in BNP Paribas,
    Paris 1er (full, except for tenors and bass : contact Pandora)

  • Get in touch with other participants close to you geographically- organise practises together

    – join an existing choir near you

    Ask us to put you in touch with singers living near you via ticket registration form, contact us  or contact the Facebook group.

  • Welcome to your choir isolated choristers from your regionAre you part of a choir that practices? Great! Can you accommodate isolated choristers? You’re going to make some people happy, let them know.

    Contact Pandora!

  • “GRANDES REPETITIONS” IN PARIS. The concert is fast approaching, the half term rehearsals are here. As for each previous edition, two free rehearsals by Gildas Harnois, the conductor of the concert, are open to the singers. A great opportunity to look back on our work and…meet new (or known) friendly singers 🙂

    – Thursday 14 November 7:30pm-9:30pm. Eglise Saint Honoré d’Eylau
    66bis, avenue Raymond Pointcarré, 75116 Metro Victor Hugo

    – Monday 8 November 7:30pm-9:30pm
    Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Paris
    14, rue de Madrid, 75008
    Metro Saint-Lazare, Europe

    What do i bring ? a score and a valid health pass
    How to attend ? please register


All you need is a place, a piano -and a pianist -, a choirmaster, and don’t forget a little word of warning for the neighbours, and get started!

We suggest you use the Facebook group Venite Cantemus to make your initiatives visible.

Share your preparations on social networks, identify yourselves, use the #venitecantemus or send us your photos and videos so we can share them.